INVISIBLE CURBS ® – Frequently Asked Questions

What sized curbs are produced?

Curbs are produced in four heights, 4.5 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm, and 10 cm. More about sizes here.

Which curbs are the most suitable for separating lawns and flower beds?

If one of the separated areas is grass, the optimal solution is to use Invisible Curb ® 60, where the grass root system can grow to a depth of up to 5 cm.

What colours are the curbs produced in?

The curbs are only produced in black. If the curbs are correctly placed, only the upper edge is visible, which is only 5 mm wide.

What is the lifetime of the curb?

Thanks to the materials used, the curbs can last for several decades.

How “hard” are the curbs?

The curbs are solid and hold their shape well. If the curb components are cut, they become flexible, so that both ends of the curbs can be connected to create a wheel with a diameter of only about 32 cm.

How can the curbs become flexible?

If we want to use the curbs in an arc, we simply cut them with tinsnips or large scissors in the middle of each field in the construction part of the curb.

How much can I bend the curbs?

The curbs are so flexible that you can form a wheel by connecting both ends of a single curb together.

Diameter of the circle formed by joining curbs
Number of connected curbs the diameter of the created circles (in metres)
1 0,32
2 0,64
3 0,95
4 1,27
5 1,59
7 2,23
10 3,18
15 4,77
20 6,37
30 9,55


What equipment do I need to install the curbs?

In order to install the curbs, we need:

  • the necessary material – curbs and nails,a spade,
  • a wide hoe,
  • a mallet or hammer,
  • tinsnips or large scissors (if we want to create arcs).

Do I have to invite a professional installation company?

Anyone who can work with garden tools can manage to install the curbs themself. Step by step instructions for curb installation can be found here.

What do I need to connect the curbs to each other?

The curbs are fitted on one side with a peg, and on the other side with a groove, and with this interlocking system, the curbs easily interconnect with each other. There is no need for any special clips.

How many nails are needed for anchoring each curb?

If the curbs will be used in a straight line, we recommend approx. 3 nails per metre. If the curbs are used in an arc, we recommend approx. 2.5 nails per linear meter.

Why should I use steel nails?

Steel nails are used to anchor the curbs in terrain with hard stone. You could say that steel nails are necessary in places where where plastic nails cannot be used without being damaged when hammered in.

Wouldn’t it be better to always use steel nails for anchoring the curbs?

Plastic nails have a larger diameter, and are specially shaped to hold well in the terrain.

How can I assemble or install the curbs?

More about curb installation can be found here.

How financially and time demanding are they?

Invisible curbs, compared to concrete curbs, are more financially advantageous, as well as less time consuming for installation. Here is an iIlustrative comparison.

What is the minimum amount I can order?

Our standard pack size for plastic curbs is:
Curb height Amount of pieces per pack Pack height Pack length Pack weight váha balíku Illustrative photo of a pack *
obrubník 45 70 pcs. 41 cm 36 cm 100 cm cca 35 kg 45
obrubník 60 56 pcs. 43 cm 34 cm 100 cm cca 35 kg 60
obrubník 80 48 pcs. 50 cm 36 cm 100 cm cca 35 kg 80
obrubník 100 40 pcs. 51 cm 36 cm 100 cm cca 35 kg 80

* We would like to thank the labrador, Barnabáš, for posing for us to show scale :o).

Of course, we don’t have a quantity limit for collections in person!!! We would happily send you even just one piece.

It is always easier for us to pack an even number though :o)

When I order curbs, chat is the situation with nails? Are they automatically added to the order?

No! We can’t know in advance if you will need plastic or steel nails. If you order products, please tell us which curbs and which nails you would like to order. This way we can avoid any unneccesary unpleasantness.

If I order curbs and nails, will the nails come in a separate package?

We always do our best to ensure that the postage/carriage fees are as low as possible. In the event that it is possible (it always depends on the weight of the delivery), the nails are packed into one package, along with the curbs. It may happen that the nails aren’t immediately visible, because they may be inside the curbs.